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"52 Better Fights to Have" Game

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Looking forward to finally gathering with family? Absolutely.

Looking forward to the inevitable arguments? Absolutely not.

Bickering during the holidays is a festive classic. They’re family, after all. But wouldn’t it be nice if the topics were a little less contentious?

That’s what this little game is all about. 52 Better Fights to Have offers you and yours some more interesting, less divisive (well, hopefully) topics to verbally joust over.

Is cereal a soup?

Are The Beatles overrated?

Is it okay to re-gift?

No religion, no politics, no pandemic. Just friendly-ish, good ol’fashioned fights. 

Who is this for: 18+ (or willing to explain some things), people with family and friends.

Number of players: Minimum of two. 

Number of topics: 52, it’s right in the name.

Please note: Orders received after Dec 16 will be sent out in the new year.